Herbal Blends Information

Our Herbal Blends were created to be calming and relaxing while enjoying the benefits of each herb. Please share your personal experiences with us. To purchase or become a reseller, please


Master Peace -great for meditation and just chilling.

Mullein Raspberry Leaf Skullcap Chamomile Peppermint Rose Lavender


Goddess On* -for Goddesses who just want to relax and be themselves.

Mullein Raspberry Leaf Skullcap Chamomile Rose Thyme Peppermint Slippery Elm


Zoned* -slightly euphoric and calming.

Mullein Wild Dagga Passionflower Damiana Rose Peppermint


Self Love -great for me time and self care.

Slippery Elm Rose Lavender Peppermint Thyme

MINT-al Stimulation -focus and be alert, brain health.

Mullein Raspberry Leaf Damiana Peppermint Gingko Biloba Lavender


Money Bag* -attract Abundance and Prosperity.

Mullein Skullcap Hyssop Damiana Vanilla Clove Nutmeg Chamomile Cinnamon


Individual Herb Benefits

Mullein- Primary Use in Smoking Blends: Used as a base and modifier for lung health. 
Smoking Effects: An expectorant and diuretic that can provide a feeling of relaxation, clean the lungs, activate lymph circulation in the chest and neck, and soothe the throat.

Raspberry Leaf- Can neutralize poison cause by nicotine, lower blood sugar levels, reduce pain in childbirth and menstrual cycles, increase fertility, tighten skin, relax muscles, boost the immune system, and relieve diarrhea.

Rose- Adds a floral aroma to an herbal smoking blend.

Lavender- Adds flavor and can relieve headaches, muscle sores, intestinal gas, anxiety and insomnia.

Peppermint- Adds flavor and can improve blood circulation, relax the nerves, and clear lungs and respiratory passages.

Damiana- Can provide a feeling of relaxation and has aphrodisiac effects.

Passionflower- Can provide a feeling of relaxation and may reduce headaches and blood pressure. 

Wild Dagga- Can provide a feeling of euphoria when smoked.  Wild Dagga is also smoked to treat epilepsy and partial paralysis.  Wild Dagga smokers have also experienced mood enhancement, giddiness, increased color perception, and mental clarity.  Mild hallucinations are also possible if enough Wild Dagga is smoked.

Blue Lily- Blue Lily is often confused with Blue Lotus, which is actually a different species of aquatic plant, Nelumbo nucifera. Blue Lily, or Nymphaea caerulea, is the aquatic plant found depicted in many ancient Egyptian works of art and literature. This plant contains the psychoactive alkaloid aporphine and can provide a more euphoric smoking experience.

Lobelia- Can suppress common colds, bronchitis, and pneumonia by killing lung infections and thinning mucus.

Chamomile- An antidepressant that can provide a feeling of relaxation, ease anxiety and insomnia, and relieve stomach cramps and gas.

Skullcap- A sedative that can help relieve anxiety and promote sleep.

Slippery Elm- Used to detox the body.

Thyme- Adds flavor, relieves hypertension, and helps respiratory conditions.

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