PROTECTION Energy Collection

PROTECTION Energy Collection

What are Sk(EI)nergy Boosters?

Sk(EI)nergy Boosters are intentioned to add an extra element to your skincare ritual. Because energy and emotions can directly affect our skin and its health, it's important to take care of it in every way possible. This is the purpose of Skin Boosters. 

PROTECTION Skin Booster - White Sage and Sea Moss

GROUNDED Skin Booster - Clove, Flaxseed, and Sea Moss

CLARITY Skin Booster - Clary Sage, Peppermint, and Sea Moss 

ABUNDANCE Skin Booster - Essential Oil Blend and Sea Moss (Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Ginger, & Frankincense Essential Oils)

To use a Skin Booster, you can mix it with any of your current skincare products or use alone.

Depending on the Booster you're using, you have to first set your intentions. If you're using PROTECTION, imagine yourself safe and secure, etc... say aloud affirmations, or do whatever you feel intuitively led to do. Use the product as stated in the directions. While using you can meditate, listen to my Sk(EI)nergy Reiki Healing Treatment, or focus on your intentions.
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