Pretty Kitty Shaving Kit

Pretty Kitty Shaving Kit

Pretty Kitty is my signature product for women created to help with itching, irritation, and ingrown hairs. I'm super excited to relaunch this product...and yes it is a Sea Moss product, but it is not available for private labeling. Wholesale yes...

Included in the kit is a Raw Honey and Sea Moss Shaving Glaze that gives you a nice close shave while protecting your skin.

The Sea Moss, Rose, and Lavender Scrub that exfoliates and removes dead skin to prevent ingrown hairs and itching. 

The Sea Moss and Raw Honey Gel Masque to replenish the skin.

The Sea Moss and Rose Moisture Serum to keep the skin moisturized and preventing irritation throughout the day.

All products have a touch of my Palo Santo oil to help rid your Root and Sacral Chakras of negative energies.

*Not available for private labeling. 
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