GoddessGrind Book Series

GoddessGrind Book Series

Before I even had the thought of writing this book Series, I had to be in tune with myself to receive the message. And even after that, I had to be my authentic self in order to write and publish it.

On this journey, I've learned so many different lessons. 
One being that every step of your purpose journey requires you to become more and more of who you are authentically in order to manifest the next step. 
Most people don't understand that manifesting is simply making real what's already there. The steps to manifesting is you becoming the person you need to be in order to see it.

My book Series is my baby and I am way beyond excited to share it with you. It's definitely like nothing you've ever read before.

One of my professionalities is an author. This is my #GoddessGrind book series that is the blueprint and insight of how a Goddess conducts and runs a business in order to be successful both personally and professionally. 
First Elevation: "We Grind With One Eye Open" focuses on how balancing each of your main chakras personally can positively impact your business or career.

Second Elevation: "We Grind According to Law" focuses on Universal Laws and how being knowledgeable about them can have a positive impact on your success personally and professionally.

Third Elevation: "We Grind Wholistically" focuses on how the healthy balance of Mind, Body, and Soul contribute to personal and professional success. 

Fourth Elevation: "The Professional Chakra System" teaches you about the first of the 7 extended chakra systems and how to balance it.

Ebooks and PDF downloads are also available on my website.
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