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Chakra Balancing Fragrance Oils

The Chakra Balancing and Healing Fragrance Oils are created to help you balance and heal your chakras while wearing a unique scent you will love. Each scent has an essential oil that is the foundation of the scent recommended for each chakra.

#IAm "Grounded": Root Chakra- Sandalwood Essential Oil

#IAm "In Touch": Sacral Chakra- Patchouli Essential Oil

#IAm "Radiant": Solar Plexus Chakra- Lemongrass Essential Oil

#IAm "Loved": Heart Chakra- Jasmine Essential Oil

#ISpeak "Truth": Throat Chakra- Bergamot Essential Oil

#IAm "Enlightened": Third Eye Chakra- Lavender Essential Oil

#IAm "Elevated": Crown Chakra- Frankincense Essential Oil