Natural Deodorant

With our family of natural deodorants, you will find exactly the one you need. No matter if you have sensitive skin or not, we've got something for you. All formulas have been proven to work as long as you do. No need to reapply. Made for women, but just as great for men.Directions: Apply as needed.  Store in a dry, cool place.If your skin is sensitive to baking soda or if you're not sure, it is highly recommended that you DO NOT select the Regular Deodorant with baking soda. Please select one of the others.

*All Deodorants with baking soda also contain magnesium hydroxide as well. 

Regular Deodorant is what most people are used to for deodorizing. 

X2 Deodorant contains Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay to help detox your armpits.

Sea Moss Deodorant provides the body with essential vitamins and minerals while keeping odor away. 

Turmeric Deodorant is great for gradually lightening the armpits over time. (Be mindful of possible staining from Turmeric.)

Exfoliating Detox Masque is for exfoliating and detoxing the armpits for a smoother transition to natural deodorant. 

Product may separate or settle during shipping due to changes in weather or climate. You may need to mix, shake well, or place in a cool place to restore original condition.

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